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Season Sheets and Season Books

Season Sheets and Season Books
Admit One Products can print your season ticket books, sheets, or strips in just about any style or configuration.

Whether it's a simple one-color job or 4-color process, our wide variety of layouts, anti-counterfeit measures, and personalization features can fit any need. We offer custom die cuts, barcodes, and variable data in a multi-tude of paper stocks and binding options.
Please call one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives who can guide you through the process of creating your own custom Season Sheets and Books.


Season Sheets

Season Sheets

Season ticket sheets offer an economical choice when selling reserved tickets to a season ticket holder. We have a wide variety of different die-cut templates available, or create your own new layout to meet your needs.

Additional perforated panels can create spaces for advertisements, special messages, ID cards, game schedule, and more.

Ticket sheets are easy to handle, simple to fold, and convenient to mail.
Season Ticket Books

Season Ticket Books

Season ticket books offer a convenient and compact method of distributing season tickets when there's a large number of home games. Each season ticket holder will receive one book containing all the tickets for their specific seat. The books also include a front and back cover, giving you extra space to add adver- tisments, special messages, ID cards, game schedules, and more.

We offer a variety of binding methods, sizes, and configurations. The number of tickets, the information needed, and the desired ticket size will help to determine what layout and overall size will be best for your season ticket books.

Other items commonly added to books are parking hang tags, commemorative pages, sponsor coupons, stadium rules, and season ticket holder benefits.
Season Booked Suite Tickets

Booked Suite Tickets

Suite Books offer a great way to present individual game tickets to your suite seat holders in a well-organized manner. For smaller suites, we can create one book for the whole season that contains all of the tickets for the suite, organized in game order. For larger suites, we suggest creating separate books for each game. Each book would contain all of the tickets for one game only and the suite ticket holder would receive one book for each game.

Since they're usually thicker than season ticket books, we suggest the stitch and tape binding method. This method works best for books of all sizes and is also the most economical. They can be printed in any size and configuration that you need.

Binding Options

Stitch Tape

Stitch & Tape

By far the most popular method for binding season ticket books due to its affordability and functionality factor.

Each booklet is stitched with one or two staples and then covered with a thick black tape over the stapled side to prevent scratching and provide stability as tickets are torn out. Stitching can be placed on any side of a booklet giving great flexibility in design allowing either horizontal or vertical tickets.


Wire-O books offer a strong, durable wire binding option. What makes these nice, besides the look, is the ease of flipping pages due to the pages lying flat in the book. This makes it easy to find and tear out game tickets and parking hang tags without the book closing shut.


Coil binding is similar to Wire-O being that it lays flat, and allows for easy 360-degree rotation of pages. The difference is that the coil is plastic.

The holes are drilled along one side of the printed pages, then the spiral is threaded through them. This provides a sturdy, durable, and attractive finish to the book.

Our standard coils are black, but other colors can be ordered to enhance your design.

Saddle Stitch

Saddle Stitch

This method is most commonly used for thinner booklets such as brochures, fan guides, and promotional items. They are ideal for mailing since they fit easily into envelopes and are slimmer than other binding options. Although the spine is stitched without tape, it is still a sturdy and reliable option.


Gummed books are tickets or pages combined into a book and then glued on one edge (similar to a notepad). Peeling off tickets as you go is simple since there are no perforations or staples. Gumming your parking passes and hang tags is also a popular choice to make them easier to manage.

The minimal supplies and labor required makes the gummed method our most affordable binding option. We can also add a chipboard backing and/or black tape on the edge of the book for added stability.
Perfect Bind

Perfect Binding

While perfect binding works on any size book, it is a great solution for oversize season books and programs. Glue binds the ends of individual pages to the cover in a low-profile manner. This makes them easy to mail and convenient to store on a bookshelf for years.

Additional Features

Every season ticket order has different needs and we understand that! Whether it's extra security you need or you're looking for an upscale look, we have a wide variety of additional features to help make your final product exactly what you need.

Custom Die Cuts Expand

Die cutting allows us to perforate or cut your tickets into any shape or configuration you need.
Save money by using one of our in-house templates, or create a new die to match the exact specifications you need.

Foil Expand

Metallic foils can be incorporated on your tickets and parking passes in a variety of ways. Choose from an array of colored and prismatic foils to incorporate into your design to create a memorable and eye-catching product. Also acts as a security feature.

Barcodes Expand

Barcodes are the most popular way to verify admission at your events. We can print a variety of barcode types that will work with our rental scanners or your own. Barcodes also give you the opportunity to run scan reports during and after your event to track ticket usage.

QR Codes Expand

Similar to barcodes, QR codes are a great way to verify admission and track ticket usage. But unlike barcodes, they can store and digitally present much more data such as the customer's name, account number, seat information, and so much more.

Variable Data Expand

Variable data is information that changes from one printed piece to another without slowing down the printing process. This is commonly used to print the ticket holders' names, seat information, and any other important details directly on their tickets. You provide the information to us in an Excel spreadsheet and we'll take care of the rest!

Visible Varnish Expand

Visible varnish is a clear toner that can be printed in any design over top of your artwork. Because of its transparency, it does not interfere with your art; but, when held at an angle, the varnish will shine and the designs will be visible.

UV Varnish Expand

This is a high-gloss varnish that covers over your entire ticket, sheet, or parking pass. It gives the product an overall, glossy look and really makes your products pop!

Black Light Inks Expand

These special inks respond to ultraviolet (UV) light.
The printing is transparent except when placed under a blacklight when the ink glows yellow or blue.

Coin Activated Inks Expand

This ink only appears when rubbed with a coin. Two options are available: Opaque white ink that turns grey, or transparent ink that turns blue and also glows under black light.
Please call one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives who can guide you through the process of creating your own custom Season Sheets and Books.

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