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Sheet and Strip Tickets

Sheet and Strip Tickets offer an organized and easy solution to speed up your ticket selling and lines. Instead of counting your 1x2 roll tickets out one at a time, you can have them printed on a strip or sheet to match your price denominations! They work great for food vouchers, game tickets, ride tickets, and more! Order from our selection of stock products or create your own online with our Custom Sheet Tickets.

Great to use for carnivals, fairs, bazaars, fund-raising events, tourist attractions, theme parks, school lunch programs, church carnivals, wine & food events, casinos and any other event that sell tickets in large quantities.

Often used in conjunction with Roll Tickets, Sheet Tickets help ticket sellers sell tickets in larger quantities faster which improves the speed of the ticket selling line at an event. Scrip Tickets is a term used to describe paper money (Tickets) being used to/for something (rides, food, drink or game booths, etc) in lieu of taking money at those rides/food booths, etc. The Scrip Tickets are often weighed or counted for each booth after the event is over.

Sheet and Strip Ticket Features:

Stock:Vellum Bristol, 90lb Index, 110lb Index, Astrobright, 10pt Coated 1 Side, Safety Board, or 100lb Gloss w/ Security
Sizes:Standard individual ticket sizes: 1" x 2" or 1" x 1"
Standard sheet of 10 tickets: 4" x 5"
Standard sheet of 20 tickets: 4" x 10" or 5" x 8"
More sizes available with custom!
Numbering:Consecutively numbered per ticket or per sheet
Features:Perforated between each ticket for convenience distribution
Multiple designs and styles for any occasion, or create your own!
Variety of stock colors and designs
Consistent weight so tickets can be weighed accurately with one of our scales
Security:Optional Overprinted UV Visible Varnish on face
Optional Back Printing
Put Up:Stock: Sold in Packs of 500 or Gummed Pads of 100 (Varies depending on product.)
Custom: Loose or Gummed in Pads (Added charge)
Lead Time:Stock: 1-2 business days (+ shipping)
Custom: 10-15 business days (+ shipping)
Business days exclude Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.


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