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Floor Decals

Floor decals are adhesive graphics made from a thin vinyl or aluminum material primarily used for advertisement purposes such as store promotions and sales, directional needs, manufacturing and warehouse facilities, COVID-19 information and much more. Their thin nature and slip resistance make them durable enough for foot traffic yet not so thick to be a hazard or nuisance to customers. They are easy to install and can be easily removed.

We offer both stock and custom options in various designs, sizes and materials. It is important to choose the right material for your application.

Step 1: Choose from either one of our over 100 stock designs or call us for a custom floor graphics that can be made in any shape and/or size including contour cuts.
Step 2: Choose your size. Our stock designs come in 12 x 12, 18 x 18, 24 x 24 in circles, squares and octagons as well as 9 x 17 rectangles and various arrow shaped sizes.
Step 3: Choose your material (4 mil vinyl No Carpet use, 4 mil vinyl with 3 mil luster finish lamination for use on carpet, wood, or tile, or Outdoor .04 Aluminum)

Our stock inventory will fluctuate due to the high demand of our COVID decals, please allow 2-7 production days to manufacture if we are out of stock.

Floor Decal Installation
To properly install your custom floor decal the surface must first be prepared before application. The application surface should be a smooth, non-porous indoor surface such as hardwood, tile, laminate, or sealed concrete.

Surface Preparation
1. Sweep the surface free of debris and dust for proper adhesion.
2. Ensure the surface is dry. If the surface is covered in grease or otherwise unclean, mop the area then allow it to dry before applying your graphic. A commercial degreaser may be needed for stubborn substances.
3. Avoid applying your graphic over any loose, unwanted substances that may affect the graphic’s ability to properly adhere: namely; caked dirt, loose gravel, oils, grease, sand, etc.

Applying the Decal
  • Installation of large decals should be done with two or more people. Once your surface is cleaned and completely dried, remove the white paper liner from the adhesive side of the decal. (For best results, ensure you place your decal precisely where you want to place it. Removing the decal and attempting to reposition it may result in unwanted creases and may weaken the decal’s ability to adhere.)
  • Starting at one end of the vinyl decal, use a squeegee to slowly and smoothly adhere the decal to the installation surface making sure to press over the whole decal so that it adheres to the surface beneath.
  • The decal will begin to adhere immediately and will be ready for foot traffic once applied.
  • Do not clean graphics for at least 24 hours after installation.

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